Chapel of Rest Swindon

In the 1800’s Swindon had many places of worship built. For example in the latter part of 1851 the first Roman Catholic chapel was built and then afterwards a Baptist chapel.p and later still, a Methodist chapel. The word Chapel now still denotes the idea of a peaceful, dignified place, usually used for acts of worship and religious services. A Chapel is also seen as, and in the past would have acted as, community buildings where the Swindon townspeople could come together to meet and rest from their usual weeks hectic activities, and stressful lives. They could take note of the more important areas of life and take stock of what really matters.

How apt then that when we lose our loved ones they are taken to A chapel of Rest. A chapel of rest has been defined as an undertakers or funeral services mortuary where bodies are kept prior to the funeral service. This is in essence a correct and accurate description, and within the town of Swindon you will find many Chapels of Rest associated and provided within a funeral companies services.

However, they act as so much more than just a place for your loved ones remains to stay until the day of the funeral. A chapel of Rest is a place we can go to take stock, much like the chapels of old. It is a place to reflect on what really matters, to say goodbye to dearly departed ones who’s journey in this world has ended, and to see and remember what they have left behind. We need to, and want to, remember them as the persons that they were, and a Chapel of Rest provides a dignified respectful way to see the person at peace and at rest. It can help us come to terms with the present, remember and reminisce over the memories of the past, and to find closure in order to reach out into the future. Within Swindon there is a funeral service that can help take you through all of the details pertaining to their chapel of rest.

We often use the term ‘rest in peace’ in the context of funerals. It gives us comfort to imagine people as having a good sleep and rest from life’s activities. When you go to a chapel of rest, efforts will have been made to make your loved one appear at peace, to look dignified, and to characterise the person that they were. This has been known to help some with the grieving process, but not everyone chooses to visit the chapel of rest. In Swindon there is a funeral service that will help you to make a decision that is best for you, based on many years of experience supporting and comforting bereaved families and friends

There are many choices and ideas when it comes to the planning of a visit to the chapel of rest, so please ask for any support in these arrangements. Please visit