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Pearce Funeral Services is a company that elegantly supports you at the hardest times. We provide a team of funeral directors located in Swindon to organise the funeral ceremony with a stress-free process for you. Our funeral directors Swindon-based are specifically trained to offer high-quality services including counselling and preparation for a smooth ceremony.

At a time of real need, our funeral directors treat the ceremony with great respect and care understanding the value of carrying someone dear to a forever resting place. With over 20 years of experience in the service, our funeral directors commit to a worry-free, open-minded and customer-focused funeral service.

At Pearce Funeral Services, you may share your preferences on the type of transportation, funeral arrangements and dressing of the funeral directors. When you prefer to have a top-notch, elegant ceremony, you can choose our beautifully arranged carriage pulled by handsome and perfectly well-groomed horses or choose one of the Jaguar vehicles. Also, if you prefer to keep it simple, our funeral directors will deliver a smooth and uncomplicated service.
Our funeral directors encourage those who require our services to express their preferences, and openly discuss their requirements so we can guarantee a funeral service above your expectations.

You can choose the way our funeral directors will dress, if you want a casual but neat dressing or a top hat and suit. We highly respect these sensitive moments and while we stay at the service of the family, we do not interfere with the ceremony. You have all our support during these special moments.

At Pearce Funeral Services, you can find your local high-quality service in Swindon, with transparent cost estimation, neat arrangements and an open dialogue. Our funeral directors will offer guidance and viable advice on the right funeral services for your specific needs.